2015 IBO World Championships

To be the best, you have to compete against the best, to this end the IBO convenes the World 3D Championships every year with substantial global attendance. This year the IBO World Champs is scheduled for August 8 - 11, in Ellicottville / New York, competing over 3 Days on no less than (20) 3D courses.

2014 NASP Nasionale Kampioenskappe

Kaapstad was die gasheer vir die 2014 NASP-SA Nasionale Kampioenskappe. Dit is die derde Provinsie wat die geleendheid gekry het om die spog geleendheid aan te bied, na Gauteng en Noord-Wes. 390 kinders reg oor Suid Afrika het deel geneem,,aan een van die grootste Nasionale Kampioenskappe vir boogskiet in Suid Afrika met ‘n rekord aflossing van 132 kinders wat op een slag geskiet het.

2014 Ultimate Draw

As in 2013, the 3Di Raffle was an initiative to support our Archers attending the IBO Worlds in August. This will be the 2nd year that a team of ABO / 3Di attend this prestigious event ...... And whilst every effort is being made to keep it to the absolute minimum, there are still cost involved.

New Admin Procedures - 2014

With the numbers attending our 3D events, the idea has always been to make the Administrative Processes easier, for both the admin assistants, and the archers wanting to attend these events. The process will remain VERY basic, but it needs to be followed correctly. We are firm believers, that when you understand the process, and see the benefits to yourself, you’ll make the effort to comply. This articles sole aim is to inform members / visitors and 3D archers, as to that process,

Updated 3Di Rules - 2014

The 3Di Website has been updated with the relevant 2014 IBO Rule Changes. Other than a small definition change in the TRD and the AHC, so significant changes were made. On the local front, specifically with our Development and Aided classes, we have introduced some Junior Aided Classes for both Male and Female, as well as redefining the NASP Classes.