3Di Golf Day

You are hereby cordially invited to enter a 4-ball @ the 3Di Golf Day on June 11, at the exclusive Silver Lakes Golf Estate. This initiative was implemented to generate additional funding needed to contribute to our teams attending the IBO Worlds in August as well as funding for our National Archery in Schools Initiatives.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

I’ve been shooting 3D competitively for some 17 years now. For the sake of this article, let’s imagine I know all the tricks in the 3D handbook …… to be really honest, I think I might have invented 1 or 2 .... Although each of the archery formats are extremely specialized, I have always believed that 3D is one of the most difficult codes out there.

Changes to 2015 / 2016 National triple Crown

Structural changes to align SA's National Triple Crown to that of the USA have been on the cards for some time now. As some of the changes were challenging we thought it best to implement them gradually over the next 12 months, These structural changes will include, but not be limited to :"The amount of days and targets shot / how the winner of the National Triple Crown is determined and ultimately the Best of the Best Shoot-Out at Nationals event.

2015 IBO World Championships

To be the best, you have to compete against the best, to this end the IBO convenes the World 3D Championships every year with substantial global attendance. This year the IBO World Champs is scheduled for August 8 - 11, in Ellicottville / New York, competing over 3 Days on no less than (20) 3D courses.

2014 NASP Nasionale Kampioenskappe

Kaapstad was die gasheer vir die 2014 NASP-SA Nasionale Kampioenskappe. Dit is die derde Provinsie wat die geleendheid gekry het om die spog geleendheid aan te bied, na Gauteng en Noord-Wes. 390 kinders reg oor Suid Afrika het deel geneem,,aan een van die grootste Nasionale Kampioenskappe vir boogskiet in Suid Afrika met ‘n rekord aflossing van 132 kinders wat op een slag geskiet het.