2019 3Di Membership Competition

Renew your 3Di Membership before January 18th and stand a chance to win (1) YEARS Free Tournament Entry for you and your Family for the entire 2019 Tournament season, ( ** Western / Eastern Cape Included !! ) There will be (3) Draws @ the January Free State Event : 1.) ** 2019 3Di Family Tournament entry, ( +- R11 500 ) 2.) ** 2019 ASA Family Tournament entry, ( +- R 3 500 ) 3.) ** 2019 IBO FIELD Challenge entry, ( +- R3 500 )

2019 IBO Field Challenge Events

The new IBO Field Archery Challenge was introduced in 2018 to pave the way for predominant Field / Indoor / Aided / Known archers in an 3D Format organization, In SA, 3Di will introduce 4 x IBO Field Challenge events culminating with the 2 Day Marked Field Nationals in October, combined with the Redding, As with any 3D and or Field events, there was always suggestions to improve the success of such an event, not enough arrows, to many arrows, day on the range takes too long, to name but a few, In my opinion, IBO has hit a home run in addressing the majority of them, with a perfect balance of precision, arrow count, strategy, time on the range, and just plain fun,

2019 3Di and IBO Rule Changes

The IBO implements Rule changes after the conclusion of the IBO World Championships in August. These rules filter through to the International affiliates and are usually implemented after the conclusion of the various National Championship events. In South Africa this is always around mid November,

2018 FAQ and Answers - Recognition

We've been receiving a lot of correspondence with questions regarding the Recognition Criteria for 2018, In essence, Nothing has Changed, You just have to take the time to familiarize yourself with the content on the 3Di Website, As in 2016, the Provincial Applications are done through the Provincial Sport Confederations ( PSC ) of the Province you reside in, and National Applications through 3Di SA / SANAA as per the Criteria,

3Di Golfday - In aid of our archers attending the IBO Worlds

You are hereby cordially invited to enter a 4-ball @ the 4th annual 3Di Golf Day on July 20th, at the Wingate Country Club. This initiative was implemented to generate additional funding needed to contribute to our team attending the IBO Worlds in August, as well as the teams from NASP SA in Canada. We’ve always been firm believers that if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, and this is what this opportunity will afford them ……. to compete against the very best 3D archers in the World.