2016 - Semi Pro Classes

The introduction of the Semi Pro Class into our 3D format was the logical next step or 3Di in South Africa, We have adapted IBO’s Pro Staff policy slightly to suite our needs and numbers, 1. An archer who registers for a Pro or Semi-Pro class during any one 3Di / IBO shooting year must remain in that class for the entire duration of that tournament year except that an archer may move up to Semi-Pro, or a Semi-Pro archer may move up to a Pro class.

2016 3Di Schools League

The 3Di Schools league is open to all Schools and will form an intricate part of the development continuum, mass participation / focused development and later high performance, 1. Schools league will be defined as both Junior and Senior learners from the same school. Junior defined as Grades 4 – 7 / Senior defined as Grades 8 – 12.

2015 Shooter Profiles

Since 2005 our Data management was handled by ABO's Core Management System. It updated your Weighted Averages / Managed the scores / Top 10 standing / Recognition and Awards for all ABO / 3Di sanctioned events throughout the country. Merging the old and new systems however was more difficult than we anticipated and with the vast number of duplication's, mostly due to name variations, we had to delete the old Database and replace it with a new updated one,

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

I’ve been shooting 3D competitively for some 17 years now. For the sake of this article, let’s imagine I know all the tricks in the 3D handbook …… to be really honest, I think I might have invented 1 or 2 .... Although each of the archery formats are extremely specialized, I have always believed that 3D is one of the most difficult codes out there.

Changes to 2015 / 2016 National triple Crown

Structural changes to align SA's National Triple Crown to that of the USA have been on the cards for some time now. As some of the changes were challenging we thought it best to implement them gradually over the next 12 months, These structural changes will include, but not be limited to :"The amount of days and targets shot / how the winner of the National Triple Crown is determined and ultimately the Best of the Best Shoot-Out at Nationals event.