Schools League Entries

Please familiarise yourself with the Schools League criteria :

1. Schools League will be defined as both Junior and Senior learners from the same school.
    Junior defined as Grades 4 – 7 / Senior defined as Grades 8 – 12.

2. A team may be three (3) or four (4) learners, but only the top three (3) scores will count towards the team’s total score.
* A school can register multiple teams.
* A team can comprise of both male and female learners.

3. Membership of the learners will not be a prerequisite for the Schools League, but the schools registration will be.

4. Schools shall register and their detail displayed on the Club Listings page as a Schools League participant.
    ( Registrations will be Free of Charge )

7. Team members may change throughout the duration of any ABO / 3Di Tournament Calendar Year…… but they must be learners from the same school.

8. Schools league awards will be given at the conclusion of the ABO / 3-Di National Championship.

Important :
Compulsory events to be eligible for the Schools League Team Awards are :
*   Leg 1 / 2 / 3 of the 3Di Triple Crowns,
*   3Di National Championships,


PLEASE NOTE: The entire team needs to pre-register before a team entry can be done.

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