To be the best, you have to compete against the best, both locally and internationally. It was for this purpose, that 3Di Elite HP was created,
The 3Di Elite policy is the framework under which the Elite HP Squads operate.
Accordingly, it is updated from time to time in order to remain relevant with our preset HP parameters and goals.

Development within 3-Di is divided across the 3 tiers of the development continuum.
1. Mass Participation
2. Focused Development
3. High Performance

Mass Participation :
NASP SA, an affiliate of 3Di Target SA, handles all aspects of Mass Participation and Grassroots Development in 3Di.
Combined with that of 3Di, we have a very large development footprint in 9/9 Geographical provinces.
Provincial Bodies are registered with each of the respective Provincial Sport Confederations,
Provincial Coordinators in each of these provinces and regions run both a 3Di as well as NASP SA Tournament Circuits,
Locally, these culminate in 2 National events for both NASP and 3Di in October and November.

Events for both 3Di and NASP SA, ( Include but are not limited to )

3Di Target SA :
• 9 X 3Di Provincial Championships, ( Except KZN, )
• 3 X 3Di Triple Crown Events – Leg 1 / 2 / 3
• 1 X 3Di National Championship Event,
• 4 X NASP 3D Challenge Events

NASP SA : Follow the link below to the NASP SA Tournament Calendar,

International Events :
• 1 X IBO Indoor World Championship Event
• 1 X IBO World Championship Event
• 1 X NASP All Africa Championships
• 1 X NASP World Championship Event

3D High Performance Centre,
Negotiations for the establishment of a 3D High Performance Centre are in an advanced stage and should it run as smoothly as it has been doing, 2 dedicated NASP and 3D Ranges should be open no later than mid March 2017,

3Di Elite Archers sign and adhere to :
• The 3Di Elite HP Policy
• The 3Di Code of Conduct
• The 3Di Rules

3Di Elite programs will ensure a sustainable pool of both Junior and Senior talent in the years to come,
Sanctioned Provincial and Triple Crown tournaments are monitored on a regular basis and archers selected based on set qualifying selection criteria.
Only 3Di and IBO events form part of an archers Weighted Average and are the basis of the Qualifying Criteria for selection for the 3Di Elite Junior and Senior squads,

All 3Di and IBO sanctioned event results are published on the 3Di Tournament Website,
These scores form part of the archers Shooter Profile. This unique Profile is continuously monitored and updated, so when an archer out of the focused recognition group reaches the required level as set out in the Qualifying Criteria, that archer is invited to join either the Junior or Senior 3Di Elite HP Squad.
This happens after the conclusion of the National Championships in November,

Please find both the relevant criteria for Provincial / National / Protea on the Horizontal navigation above. ( Recognition )

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