We are very fortunate and proud to announce the following high Performance Squads,

* 2017 3Di Elite - HOYT / Mathews Junior Development Squad,  
* 2017 3Di Elite - Senior High Performances Squad, 
* 2017 3Di Elite - Junior High Performances Squad, 

This enthusiastic group of archers have shown exceptional promise throughout the 2016 Tournament seoson, thus rewarded with inclusion in these HP Programs,
It is therefor understandable that we have very high expectations from them in 2017 / 2018.
With our continued support and development these archers have the potential to compete at the highest of levels of their respective calsses, both nationally and internationally, 

2017 3Di Elite
HOYT / Mathews Junior Development Squad,  


Chris Brand

16 Years of Age 

YMR 15-15

Kill Shot Archery Club

North Gauteng

3D / Indoor

Chris has been a competitive 3-D and Tournament archer sinse he was a Future Bowhunter,
He shows exceptional promise in what is a very competitive YMR Class.

Most recent accomplishments include : 


Ruan De Witt

Adrian been shooting for the past 4 years, and competitively only for the last 3. His enthusiasm for 3-D archery is only surpassed by his dedication to improve.

Currently Ranked : Male Bowhunter Open : 2nd
Most recent accomplishments :
Winner / Triple Crown - Leg 1 2011
Winner / ABO Free State Champs 2011
Winner / Triple Crown - Leg 3 2011


Vincent Mahlasela

Age : 25
Mathews - Sure-Loc - Pentax

Vincent moved up to the very competitive open class at the end of 2010. He's an exceptional tournament archer, and growing in stature, in what is arguably the toughest IBO / 3-Di class.

Currently Ranked : Male Bowhunter Open : 6th
Most Recent accomplishments :


Calvyn Makela

Age : 42
Hoyt Seven 37 - Easton - Sure-Loc

Calvin is the newest addition to the squad.
His first three tournaments went better than expected with him logging scores of 139 - 149 and 185 respectively in a very tough HCA tournament class.

Currently Ranked : Hunter Class Aided ( HCA )
Most Recent accomplishments : Being new to the sport, just finishing with the same arrow is an accomplishment. Look out for calvyn in 2012