3Di Admin - 2016

3Di Admin Process :
This articles sole aim is to inform members / visitors and 3D archers, as to that process, and to avoid queries come September 2016,
With the numbers attending our 3D events, the idea has always been to make the Administrative Processes easier, for both the admin assistants, and the archers wanting to attend these events.
The process will remain VERY basic, but it needs to be followed correctly. This cannot be stressed enough !!

We are firm believers, that when you understand the process, and see the benefits to yourself, you’ll make the effort to comply.

Check your Captured Scores :
Step 1 :
Visit : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/recognition/results/20
Step 2 : Type in your name and Surname and Submit,
Check if the Tournaments you shot in 2016 All Display against your Name,
Note your 4 Best scores,

Now Check your Weighted Averages :
Step 1 :
Visit : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/recognition/weighted-averages/30
Check if the 4 scores you identified on the Results Page, correspond to the scores used on the WA Page,

Trouble Shooting,
If your WA does not display,
* It means that 1 or more of your scores are captured against your name, without your Member ID,
* Your Shooter Profile is incomplete or displays a different Shooting Class than you usually enter,
* You have more than 1 Profile,
Step 1 :
Update your Shooter Profile : Visit : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/login/1

ONLY if it still does not display, send a Request to admin@3di.org.za to have it looked at,

Let’s fix any inaccuracies Sooner rather than later …….. it will be easier to just keep an eye on your profile than to realize there’s a problem just before Nationals,

I have added an earlier article to the bottom just to remind new archers of the Admin processes,


3Di Admin Process : March 4, 2014
We have developed and implemented the new Pre Entry and Tournament management program for ABO/3Di.
Although the 'Pre Entry Process' for the Archers remain very similar, we'll be able to manage the Data more accurately / allocate archers to their assigned targets quicker, and ultimately, have 'Live Scoring' at Triple Crown and National events.

The old expression, when it comes to data management, is very relevant here ……. Garbage in à Garbage out ……. This needs to be avoided at all costs !!!

Very Important :
The responsibility to ensure that your information is correct will be yours, and yours alone !!
We cannot dilute the effectiveness of such a program by allowing any further shortcuts that are time consuming on the admin assistants, and create an additional workload that could be avoided.
From the 3Di/ABO North Gauteng Champs, the benefits to the archers will remain 100% the same …… ON CONDITION that you follow the Pre Entry procedures CORRECTLY !
This will include, but not be limited to :

1. Your Shooter Profile,
2. The Pre Registration Process for groups,
3. Group Payment for these events,
4. Your Scorecard on the day,

Your Shooter Profile :
1. First and foremost …. You need one !!
2. You ONLY need to create and update it ONCE …. It takes 2 minutes.
3. If you already have one, you need to ensure that your detail is STILL correct !!
4. See the process for creating such a Shooter Profile below, icle,

How to generate a Shooter Profile :
1. Visit www.3di.org.za …… Click on the left image …. 3Di Tournament Archery.
2. On the Home Page, click on the Login Button ….. Top Right,
3. If you have a Shooter Profile, enter your detail in the 2 White Blocks and Submit.
4. If you do not have a Shooter Profile, Click on Register as WEBSITE MEMBER,
5. Complete the short form and Click Register,
6. Once that is done, the system will update your Membership Status / Add your 4 Digit Member ID / Display renewal date,

The Pre Registration Process :
1. Pre Entries can only be Captured in one of two ways …..
1.1) With your 4 digit Member ID, or
1.2.) As a Visitor.
2. If you have a Shooter Profile, and you enter your 4 Digit Member ID, all your info will be display automatically, ( Click on any other input box or outside the current box )
3. If you click on Visitor, all the ‘Fields’ are Open, and you need to enter them all as on the Previous Pre Entry Procedure,
4. The individual doing the Pre Entry for the Group, needs either your 4 Digit Member (Participant) ID, or ALL your detail.
5. If he enters them incorrectly, and we sync the system, ALL your correct info will be replaced, with what he submitted on your behalf.

Group Payment for these events :
1. As always, one payment can be made as a group, using the generated 3Di Reference number.
2. Or 2-5 separate Payments can be made, with the person registering on your behalf, attaching them all to your Group Entry. ( You are able to select multiple files when you click on "choose files" )
3. Incomplete Pre Entries will not be captured, and you’ll have to register again, on the day.
4. Pre Entries of Minors / Dependents, can have the Email / Cell detail of the parent / guardian,
5. Registrations on the Day CAN NOT be assigned to a specific group, and they will be allocated to groups with sufficient available space.

Your Scorecard on the day
1. Double scoring will apply to ALL 3Di Sanctioned Events,
2. Both your Scorecards MUST contain ALL your info ….. Name and Surname / 4 Digit Member ID / 1st 6 Digits of your ID / Class / Event Name,
3. Both Scorecards MUST be tabulated in the Blocks assigned …… your Score + 11 Count,
4. Once YOU have Double-Checked both your Scorecards …. You need to sign both along with the Scorer,
5. Any Scorecards not completed correctly …. Will not be captured,
6. Once this process is completed, the scorers will split the Scorecards into 2 Identical groups,
7. They need to be handed to an Admin-Assistant that will ensure that they are correct,
8. Only then, will they be captured,

We will be forwarding this information to all the registered clubs to ensure that they can assist, should you need help,

Alternatively send us an email on admin@3di.org.za with any queries,