2018 FAQ and Answers - Recognition

We've been receiving a lot of correspondence with questions regarding the Recognition Criteria for 2018, In essence, Nothing has changed,

You just have to take the time to familiarize yourself with the content on the 3Di Website,

As in 2017, the Provincial Applications are done through the Provincial Sport Confederations
( PSC ) of the Province you reside in, and National Applications through 3Di SA / SANAA as per the Criteria,

Below will be a list of the combined questions with a short answer and Link to the relevant supporting Documents / Pages,

Q : Where can I view the majority of the 3Di Documents ?
A : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/home/1

Q : Can I shoot the Nationals without being a Member ?
A : Yes, and NO ‘Guest’ fees will apply for Visitors. But for Provincial, National & Protea Recognition / Best Of the Best / Top 10 …… you have to be a member !

Q : Are their reduced membership costs for large families ??
A : Yes : Family Memberships are capped at R 550/annum

Q : Where Can I find the 2018 Tournament Calendar ?
A : 3Di Calendar : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/tournaments/calender/11
Cape Provincial Calendar : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/tournaments/cape-calendar/64n

Q : Where can I view the 2018 Qualifying Criteria ?
A : 2018 Qualifying Criteria : http://africanbowhunting.org/pdf/QualifyingCriteria.pdf

Q : Where can I view my Current 2018 Weighted Average ?
A : 2018 Weighted Average : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/recognition/weighted-averages/30
( If it does not appear or seems incomplete, then the problem is more often than not your Shooter Profile, Please amend and Edit )

Q : Where can I view / amend / create a Shooter Profile for Myself ?
A : 2016 – 3Di Admin Article : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/article/25

Q : Do I need to be an Individual Member of 3Di, and an Affiliated Club for any type of Recognition ?
A : Yes, Club also needs to be Affiliated to the Relevant PSC’s in their Province.

Q : When can I apply for my Provincial Recognition ?
A : * When you’ve met the Qualifying Criteria in a Tournament Season,
* Within the Application window for the PSC, ( 30 – 45 days prior to Nationals )
* By Attending that year’s Nationals,
* More Detail : http://africanbowhunting.org/3Di/recognition/provincial-amp-national/21

Q : Can I qualify for National Recognition in my 1st year shooting 3D, as I maybe want to attend the 2018 IBO Worlds,
A : No, 2018 Provincial Recognition and National attendance is an vital part of a successful 2019 National / Protea application,

Q : Where can I view the 3Di Code of Conduct ?
A : 3Di Code of Conduct : http://africanbowhunting.org/pdf/code_of_conduct.pdf

Please forward any questions to admin@3di.org.za