2019 3Di and IBO Rule Changes

2019 3Di and IBO Rule Changes

The IBO implements Rule changes after the conclusion of the IBO World Championships in August.
These rules filter through to the International affiliates and are usually implemented after the conclusion of the various National Championship events.
In South Africa this is always around mid November,

Please find the 2019 IBO Rule Changes below : 

3Di Target SA
Changes in SA will Include :

1.) A name change from the Level 3 MBL to BBO to align with that of IBO,
2.) Defining the Double Peg shooting Format,
3.) As we have no defined Pro and Semi Pro Classes in SA, to ensure that the Rule below is implemented within the level 3 HC / FHC / BBO classes,
4.) As we have no Winter National Events, to define the Rules for Class Advancement in HC / FHC and BBO in SA.

C. A Pro or Semi-Pro archer may not register for an entry level class such as HC, FHC or BBO for a period of five years after participating as a Pro or Semi-Pro in any 3-D organization.

A. Grains Per Pound And Arrow Speed
3. Draw weight shall not be adjusted after entering the shooting course.
Adjustments can be made only after equipment is checked at the conclusion of a range. Doing so will be considered poor sportsmanship and subject to disqualification unless adjustment is necessary during the period allowed for equipment failure.

8. Archers competing in the Crossbow Class shall be limited to a 340fps bolt speed.

9. All maximum speed limits are allowed a 3% variance for chronograph accuracy.

c. An arrow shaft touching the line of a greater scoring area shall be given the higher score. Arrow parts that extend beyond the shaft such as feathers, vanes, or nock collars, cannot be used to score the arrow.

3. Beginner Bowhunter Open (BBO)
A compound, recurve, or longbow shot with no restriction on sights, stabilizers, or style of release. BBO archers will shoot from the red stake.
Class Advancement :
If an archer wins more than once in BBO at any of the following events;
Winter National, Spring National, or the 1st, 2nd or 3 rd leg of the National Triple Crown or the World Championship in addition to any archer ranking in the top three combined scores for the National Championship, or the top three scores for the World Championship including all ties must advance to another class at the conclusion of the current competition year.
This will be a permanent move out of BBO.

5. Bowhunter Open (MBO)
A compound, recurve, or longbow shot with no restriction on sights, stabilizers, or style of release. MBO archers will shoot from the green stake.

14. Crossbow (X-BOW)
Crossbows must be standard production crossbows, however, minor modifications such as butt plates, strings, added weight and the like shall be permitted as long as such modifications do not void the manufacturer's warranty or diminish designed safety standards.
No Hooked Butts, Palm Rests, or extra equipment used for bracing will be allowed. (See section IV, A, 9) Trigger assemblies must be standard production by the original crossbow manufacturer and may not be altered in any way.
Bolts must be no less than 20/64ths in diameter and measure no shorter than 14 inches. All bolts must be identical in type and size and point weight.
Bolts must use at least three (3) vanes or feathers and screw in field points. Crossbows shooting up to and including 300 fps must shoot bolts weighing no less than 400 grains.
Crossbows shooting 301 to 325 fps must shoot bolts weighing no less than 425 grains.
Crossbows shooting more than 325 fps must shoot bolts weighing no less than 450 grains.
A maximum speed of 340 fps with 3% variance will be allowed in the Crossbow Class. Any type of sight may be used.
A sight with adjustable elevation may not be adjusted after raising the bow and sighting the target.
Any archer using a variable power scope shall be responsible to tape or otherwise secure the adjustment setting to create a fixed magnification, prior to beginning competition. Crossbows must be in sound condition with a working safety.

In an effort to supplement the two minute rule and speed the crossbow loading process, crossbows should be cocked when the shooter is in the on deck position.
The safety must remain on and crossbow must remain unloaded until the archer is at the stake and ready to shoot. The crossbow must be loaded while in a downward position and pointed in the direction of the target.
No crossbow may be loaded while pointing up.
X-BOW archers will shoot from the blue stake.