2019 IBO Field Challenge Events


The new IBO Field Archery Challenge was introduced in 2018 to pave the way for predominant Field / Indoor / Aided / Known archers in an 3D Format organization,
In SA, 3Di will introduce 4 x IBO Field Challenge events culminating with the 2 Day Marked Field Nationals in October, combined with the Redding,
As with any 3D and or Field events, there was always suggestions to improve the success of such an event, ( Not enough arrows, too many arrows, day on the range takes too long, to name but a few ) In my opinion, IBO has hit a home run in addressing the majority of them, with a perfect balance of precision, arrow count, strategy, time on the range, and just plain fun,


IBO Field archery utilizes a proprietary target system which includes three separate target cores specifically oriented and fixed upon an individual target stand.
Each core has its own point value based on the size of the scoring ring marked on the core. The entire core is 16” in diameter with one core having a 1.75” white circle centered within the core; the value of this circle is thirteen points. The next scoring ring is a 5” white circle centered within the core with a value of ten points. The final scoring ring is a 10” white circle centered within the core and its value is eight points.
Any arrow outside of these white circles but still stuck in the core will have a value of five points. A miss is scored a zero.
The IBO Field Target, utilizing three separate aiming dots, provides a true risk & reward challenge for IBO Field participants.
Each competitor will chose the level of risk they are willing to take to achieve their desired point reward. Because of this choice, strategy becomes a dominant aspect of the game


A complete IBO Field tournament will consist of 20 individual targets with two arrows being shot at each target for a total possible score of 520 points.
Although 40 targets is mandatory for all World and National level events, a smaller number of targets may be used for local, club level, competitions.
Courses can vary from a true walk through course to a more spectator friendly “H” type range set-up.
Native terrain and natural features will be used to provide a challenging and enjoyable field archery experience.


Individual classes will be assigned a specific colored shooting stake. This stake will be placed at varying distances from the IBO Field target with the stake color determining the maximum distance allowed for that class.

There will be three stake colors:

White – 25 yard max with an average distance of 20 yards:
Green – 45 yard max with an average distance of 30 yards;
Blue – 65 yard max with an average distance of 45 yards.
Classes will be assigned a stake color according to the equipment that is used and the archer’s skill level.

A. White Stake Competitors

1. Genesis
2. Traditional
3. Cub

B. Green Stake Competitors

1. Men’s Hunter
2. Women’s Hunter
3. Senior Hunter
4. Youth Boys
5. Youth Girls
6. Men’s Senior
7. Women’s Senior
8. Pro Hunter

C. Blue Stake Competitors

1. Crossbow
2. Open Men
3. Open Women
4. Semi-Pro
5. Senior Pro
6. Pro Men
7. Pro Women


IBO 3D rules apply to IBO Field archery except where specific rules are added or deleted for IBO Field archery competitions.
Archers may compete in both IBO 3D and IBO Field.