2016 All About Family Initiative

Each year we adopt a social development initiative where our 3D archers can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.
The All about Family had their first very successful Food Drives early in 2012 and have since then, donated more 650 Food Packs to those in need.
The original food drive was initiated by the teachers of the Taaibos Secondary School, and their then Principal Frans van Kradenburg,

We’d like to continue this with this project under the All-About-Family initiative with the sole purpose to :

Their Mission :
* To Leave No Child Hungry
* To Leave No Child Unprotected
* To Leave No Child Uneducated
* To Leave no Child Unclothed

Join us @ the 2016 ABO/3Di Triple Crown Leg 3 for the 2016 All About Family Initiative in aid of the East Rand Children’s Haven !

This will be an All-About-Family event with some AWESOME initiatives to contribute to the East Rand Children’s Haven,
SO WEAR PINK !! ....... and for the men, wear AGGRESSIVE SALMON !! 

For more information the Project Coordinator will be :
Mrs. Wendy Murphy
Project Director : East Rand Children’s Haven
Email : director@erch.co.za
Office Number : 011 813-2750

We at 3Di have identified 4 key areas where we as archers Archer’s can make a huge difference.
Some of these are specifically for the kids, and some benefit the ERC Haven in general,

So here's how you can get involved :
As a Shooting Group / Club / Pro Shop / Bow Brand / Group of Friends or as a Family........Pledge any amount to any or all of the projects below,
Pledges are made on Social Media and allocated to each of the Projects you designate,

Payments to support any of the 3Di Projects are made too :
African Bowhunting Organisation / Standard Bank Centurion / Branch Code 012 645 / Acc Nr : 410 388 041
See the Reference Number for each of the Projects Below,

3Di’s Projects are :

1.) For the Girls
The coordinators will be Annamarie Young / Mariska Smith
We’d like to take them all out to have their hair and nails done,
Ref Nr : Girls/AAF/Your Initials
( We’ll finalize this asap, )

2.) For The Boys
The coordinators will be Pierre van Wyk
We understand all of them are passionate about Rugby, with 2 showing exceptional potential.
We’d will arrange to take all of them to a Blue Bulls or Lions game at either Loftus or Emirates Airline Park,
Ref Nr : Boys/AAF/Your Initials
( We’ll finalize this asap, )

3.) Security
The coordinators will be Pierre and Sergio Maffia of MB Fabricators,
ERCH expressed the need for security upgrades and repairs suffered as a result of break inns.
We have scheduled a site meeting with MB Fabricators early next week to see what needs to be done,
Ref Nr : Sec/AAF/Your Initials ( We’ll finalize this asap, )

* Clothing
The coordinators will be Jenny de Witt / Ronel van Wyk
2nd Hand clothing donations are very welcome,
We have a list of children in the care of the ERCH, containing their sizes / gender and all relevant information.
Please drop either Jenny / Ronel an email for a copy of it, jenny@wildcrete.co.za / ronel@lcviljoen.co.za
( We’ll finalize this asap, )

The East Rand Children’s Haven Projects are listed below :
If you’d like to make a donation to the East Rand Children’s Haven it can be done :
East Rand Children’s Haven / ABSA Brakpan Branch / Cheque Acc : 1045960419

Alternatively you can make a deposit into any of the accounts below on their behalf,

We gladly welcome : Pre-paid Electricity Vouchers
Our Prepaid Electricity details are as follows:-
Cashpower Card - Card Number - 07099647039

Money can be paid into our Hanrimed Account.
Hanrimed Pharmacy. 371 Voortrekker Rd Brakpan
Acc: Oosrand Kinder Oord - Acc # 61378

School Uniforms / ADNO’S ACCOUNT
Money can be paid into our Adno’s Account.
Adno’s Outfitters (Pty) Ltd. 554 Voortrekker Rd Brakpan
Acc: East Rand Children’s Haven - Acc # E0021

We’ll keep the initiative interesting on the social media pages where you are encouraged to challenge other businesses / archery clubs / bow brands / Pro Shops and shooting groups.
Join us on Facebook and let the Fun and Challenges begin !!

Keep an eye out for more All About Family Initiatives scheduled for 2016 :