2020 Events Broadcast Competition

We are expanding our 3D Archery Broadcasts into Provinces / Traditional and Crossbow Groups, For every (3) names you add to any of these Groups / or Encourage an Archers to add themselves, you will receive (1) entry to the Kilima Hunt Lucky Draw valued at around R8500, ** Draw will be on July 4th @ Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, ** You DO NOT need to attend to be declared the Winner, ** Additional T&C's do Apply,

3D Outdoor Festival

July 2019 will be the inaugural Outdoor Festival hosted by the exclusive Grounded Container Bar and Café on the outskirts Polokwane, We were very fortunate to secure some of SA’s best known Afrikaans artist including Bok van Blerk, Appel and Dewald Wasserval, Their show will coincide with exhibitors representing some of our Outdoor Industries best known brands, including but not limited to : Blazer, Ravin Crossbows, Wildman, Wildcrete 3D Targets, Magnum Archery, and Conqueror Limpopo to name but a few.

2019 3Di Hunters Raffle

As in 2018 the 3Di Raffle will contribute to the archers attending the 2019 IBO 3D World Champs in West Virginia / USA, This will be the 5th year that a team of 3Di attend this prestigious event and the 2nd year that a 3D Protea team competes, And whilst every effort is being made to keep it to the absolute minimum, there are still cost involved and with our R/$ fluctuations, they are substantial.

2019 IBO Field Challenge Events

The new IBO Field Archery Challenge was introduced in 2018 to pave the way for predominant Field / Indoor / Aided / Known archers in an 3D Format organization, In SA, 3Di will introduce 4 x IBO Field Challenge events culminating with the 2 Day Marked Field Nationals in October, combined with the Redding, As with any 3D and or Field events, there was always suggestions to improve the success of such an event, not enough arrows, to many arrows, day on the range takes too long, to name but a few, In my opinion, IBO has hit a home run in addressing the majority of them, with a perfect balance of precision, arrow count, strategy, time on the range, and just plain fun,

2019 3Di and IBO Rule Changes

The IBO implements Rule changes after the conclusion of the IBO World Championships in August. These rules filter through to the International affiliates and are usually implemented after the conclusion of the various National Championship events. In South Africa this is always around mid November,