We believe strongly that a healthy Club & Membership structure are essential components to the positive growth of both bow hunting and archery.

Membership with the ABO will NOT be required to qualify for any of the Triple Crown events / ABO National Championships / normal Prizes or medals.At this time, guest fees shall be the same as normal entry fees for the class entered.

Please Note : Membership does however needs to be in good standing for the following :

  • Qualifying for the IBO World Championships.
  • Qualifying for the IBO Traditional World Championchips.
  • Qualifying for your association’s Provincial / National and Protea Recognition.
  • Qualifying for the Top 10 Shoot-out and the Team Prizes @ the National event.
  • It is also necessary for any other International IBO tournament that you might have wanted to enter.

As an initiative from 2008, we added (1) year FREE membership to the ABO if potential members supported the local clubs and Pro Shops by doing there COP’s (Certificates of Proficiency !! ) at these registered venues.

Costing : COP Membership Structure :

Certificate of Proficiency system will cost R 270,00.

  • This will include the COP Training material ( Hard Copy or the Online Version )
  • The Practical as well as the Theoretical assessments.
  • Your new Bar coded COP / Membership Cards.
  • Renewals will be every (2) Years with a Practical assessment Only.

Individuals Membership Structure :

  • Membership will cost R 250 per anum. ( There are no joining fees or admin Costs )
  • 2nd Member will be R 200.
  • Family Capped @ R550.
  • Master Members ( Older Than 55 ) will be R 200 per anum.

To register as an Individual Membership - Please complete the Online Membership Application and Submit.

Membership Structure for Clubs and Pro shops

Cost : R 350 per anum.

As a registered club you will be entitled to :

  • Advertise your Club Events through the National Archery Database / ABO Newsletters.
  • Register events on the annual ABO Archery calendar. ( Hard Copy as well as online versions )
  • Host Bow hunter Proficiency Days.
  • Distribute the African Series 2D Targets.
  • Your Club or Pro shop will be listed under our “Registered clubs” section and a link to your own web-site will be provided.

To register your Club - Please complete the 'Online Club Application and submit.