Provincial / National and Protea* Recognition :

ABO's Affiliation to Archery SA was approved at the 2009, and SANNA in 2015.

Archery South Africa (ASA), and now SANAA are the overall controlling body for all formal archery activities in South Africa and recognized and registered with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the Department of Sports and Recreation.

Archery South Africa, and now SANAA ensures that the standards of formal archery are consistent and sustainable and is a vital link between the sport and the sporting authorities in South Africa.

With this all in place, there are now some structures rules and formalities that will be applicable to archers wanting to attain their associations Provincial / National and Protea recognition in the 3Di SA's 2-D & 3-D disciplines..

They include:

  • Membership
  • Sanctioned events
  • Weighted Average
  • Qualifying Criteria
  • 3Di High Performance Squads
  • Anti Doping Policies

Membership with the ABO/3Di Target SA was never a prerequisite to compete in any of the Triple Crown / Provincial or National events.

Your membership must however be in good standing to qualify for your associations Provincial / National and Protea Recognition, or selection to any team competing Internationally.

Please peruse the Membership page to familiarize yourself with the Membership benefits.

Sanctioned events

Only events officially sanctioned by the 3Di / IBO and its Provincial Associations will contribute to your Weighted Average needed to attain your Associations Provincial / National and Protea Recognition.

They are:

  • The ABO Triple Crown Events ( Leg 1 / 2 / 3 )
  • The ABO Provincial Championships ( 1 Per Province )
  • The ABO National Championships ( 2 Day Event )
  • Any sanctioned IBO Event. ( State / Triple Crown or World Championship Events )

Weigted Average

A Weighted Average (WA) scoring system is a calculation of a shooters average scores over a revolving 12 month period.
A weighted percentage (%) will be applied to each score – the most recent score counting the highest percentage (%), whereas the oldest score has the lowest percentage (%) applied.

How do I register a Weighted Average (WA):

An registered archer must have competed in a minimum of (4) ABO / 3-Di sanctioned tournaments within a revolving 12 month period.
From these sanctioned tournaments the best (4) scores (S) are taken and the following calculation is applied:

S1 being the Oldest
S4 being your Most Recent (MR)
Most Recent may not be older than 90 Days

Weighted Average (WA)
(S1 x 0,15%) + (S2 x 0,20%) + (S3 x 0,30%) + (S4 x 0,35%)

Qualifying Criteria : See Quicklinks Above !

Anti Doping

As an affiliation to Archery SA (ASA) from 2009, we need to align with current anti doping policies.

Each year the SA Institute for Drug-free Sport (SAIDS) publishes a list of several THOUSAND medicines under their over-the-counter and prescription brand names, indicating which ones are okay to use, and which ones not.

The easiest way to get caught using a restricted substance in sport is by using one without knowing that it is one you're not allowed to use. That's why the 'SAIDS-List of prohibited substances is one no sportsperson should be without.
Fortunately, we estimate that less than ten percent of the extensive list is marked in red, meaning that you'd be in trouble when caught taking it.

The list varies from cough mixtures to good old fashioned Disprin (They're fine to take) and esoteric stuff like Fraxiparine.
The list is in the format of a handy A6 size Z-fold pocket guide, so you can easily take it with when visiting your pharmacy.

Copies are available from SAIDS, telephone (021) 761 8034 .

Alternatively you can visit their website and download the 2009 Lists from there.

No matter what level you compete or participate at, it is your responsibility to know the rules that apply to you, and to comply with those rules. Although doping is not a common occurrence in the sport of archery, any doping offence is treated very seriously, and can have dire consequences. Although you may not be taking a drug or substance to gain a competitive advantage, simply having certain substances in your body can result in a positive test (known as an adverse analytical finding).

Anti-doping rules operate on the concept is known as "strict liability" where the intent to gain an advantage or to dope is not relevant to the finding of doping. The rules are written in such as way that if you have a prohibited substance in your body, you are guilty of a doping offence (the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" does not apply). A doping infraction and possible sanctions against you can be the result of being ignorant of the rules.
Even if a drug you are taking is medically necessary, you must declare its use to the proper authority in order to avoid an infraction if you are chosen for testing.

Although the majority of doping control testing is focused on higher level archers and athletes, random testing can be conducted at various tournaments that may lead to "recreational archers" being selected for doping control. You do not have to be a member of any organization, national team, or be an Excellence member to be selected for testing. Even if you have not signed a form or agreed to be tested, you can still be selected for testing. Once selected, you must agree to the testing or face sanctions for refusing to be tested. Because of this possibility, every archer should understand and follow the rules.

Be aware that many over the counter medications, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements can result in a positive drug test. In particular, herbal remedies and nutritional supplements present a risk to athletes because these substances are not highly regulated. If you take such substances, be aware that the label ingredients may not reflect what is actually in the substance.

Certain prescription medications are prohibited for all sports, and some are prohibited specifically for archery. In certain circumstances, athletes can apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if the prohibited medication they take is medically necessary.