3-Di's National Recognition

  • To be eligible for National Colors, an archers membership must be in good standing with the 3-Di Target SA.
  • You must be a member of an ABO / 3-Di affiliated Club in a Province.
  • He must also compete in the ABO / 3Di Provincial Championships of the Province he is registered in. ( * An Exemption request can be submitted )
  • As a minimum, you must have attained your Provincial recognition in the year prior to your National Application.
  • To be eligible for any International Team, you must have competed in the most recent National Championship. ( * An Exemption request can be submitted )
  • An archer must obtain the prescribed National Weighted Average (WA) by the last sanctioned 3-Di event before the National Championships of that year.
  • Archers successful in exceeding the national (WA) by that date, will have earned the right to compete at the National event, in their Associations National Colors
  • Alternatively (90) Days before the IBO World Championships / or any International event a International-Team will attend.

How do You apply :

  • Submit an National Application and email to
  • Please ensure that your Name + Member ID + Full ID are correct as the National verifications, is an automated process.
  • On approval by 3Di Target SA, and ratification by the Federatipn, your Associations National Colours will be awarded.  

Please find the 2017 Itinerary here

Please Note : 

 *  Please ensure that your Shooter Profile is Updated with the CORRECT Province and Contact Detail !
 *  Please find the 2018 Provincial Cup / Aided Cup and Traditional Cup Teams below :