PROTEA Recognition

  • The awarding of Protea Colours are governed by law. ( National Colours Act - )
  • SA Protea Colours are only awarded on Invitation to the annual IBO World Championships / IBO Traditional World Championships.
  • To be eligible for Protea colors, an archers membership must be in good standing with the ABO / 3-Di.
  • You must be a member of an ABO and or 3-Di affiliated Club.
  • You must also compete in the 3Di Provincial Championships of the Province he is registered in. ( * An Exemption request can be submitted )
  • As a minimum, you must have attained your National colours in the year prior to your Protea Application.
  • To be eligible for any International Team, you must have competed in the most recent National Championship event. ( An Exemption request can be submitted)
  • An archer must obtain the prescribed Protea Weighted Average (WA) by the last sanctioned ABO / 3-Di event before the National Championships of that year.
  • Alternatively (90) Days before the IBO World Championships / IBO Traditional World Champs.

How do You apply :

  • Protea Applications must be approved by the Board at a Special meeting in terms of Article III.6.
  • 3-Di will submit a formal application via the Federation ( SANAA ) to the National Colours Board.
  • 3-Di, on the receipt of written approval, will notify the archer / archers in writing.
  • Protea colours will be awarded at the formal ceremony prior to the team departing.
  • Successful applicants sign and participate in a HPP ( High Performance Plan ) as well as the 3-Di's - Code of Conduct.
  • Please ensure that your Name + Member ID + Full ID are correct as the Protea verifications, is an automated process.

Please view the 2017 / 2018 3Di HP Squad HERE :