3Di welcomes the Innovative Solutions Group yet again as a 2017 ABO/3Di Platinum Sponsor,

The key to our success relies heavily on a model which is not only professional yet approachable,
but also offers a decentralized management function and incentive schemes.
This allows us and each of our partner companies to offer the best possible service to a wide range of clients.

As our name suggests we strive to deliver the best possible innovative venture capital solutions and results in
all our business dealings. It is also our overriding ambition to transform small businesses into successful organizations,
by assuring accountability, integrity, excellence and innovation.

At ISG we respect and treasure entrepreneurship, and go all out to ensure that our people reach their full potential.

The South African business environment is a highly monopolistic one in which new business start-ups and small to medium businesses often struggle to compete with large, dominant companies. Once established, it is equally difficult to access the expansion capital and resources necessary for them to grow and mature beyond a certain size.

At Innovative Solutions Group, we understand the challenges faced by fellow entrepreneurs and are passionate about assisting you.We provide effective outsourced services and solutions in the following areas:

Finance and administration;
Broad-based black economic empowerment; and

By outsourcing these business functions to us, we enable you to concentrate on what really matters – growing your business.