ABO’s affiliation to the IBO ( International Bowhunting organization ) was finalised early in 2005. With the need to have a clearer distinction between 3-D Target archery, and conservation issues, we also affiliated to their subsidiary, 3-Dimension International. ( 3Di )

3-Di South Africa will handle all issues related to 3D Target archery. These include, but are not limited to the 3Di Tournament Circuit / Rules / Code of Conduct / Recognition / Affiliation to the Provincial Sport Confederations
( PSC )

The IBO / 3-Di shooting format comprises of 20 targets.

  • 10 X 3-D Targets
  • 10 X 2-D Targets ( The African Series )

Archers shoot a single arrow at the 11 - 10 - 8 - 5 scoring rings
These targets are set up along a scenic outdoors trail about 1 - 1.5km long.
Currently, all 3-Di's Tournament s Sanctioned by IBO / 3Di. The Tournament calendar includes, but is not limited to the following events :

  • 3-Di’s Provincial Championships in the majority of the Provinces.
  • The Triple Crown Series - Leg 1 / 2 / 3
  • The 3Di Club Team Challenge Circuit,
  • The 3-Di National Championships at the conclusion of the year.
  • The annual IBO World Championships
  • The annual IBO Traditional World Championships, 
  • The annual Marked 3D National Championships, The Redding, 

ABO / 3Di are members in ‘Good Standing’ with the South African National Archery Association, ( SANAA ) 
Recognition starts early for us.

The Future Bowhunters (FBH) are a Non - Competitive class for young archers younger than 9 years of age.

  • All entries are rewarded with Medals and Prizes.

As the future of 3-D archery, they are there to have fun.

Recognition :

Through our affiliation to SANAA and the Provincial Sports Confederations / Federations, we are able to recognize :

  • Provincial
  • National
  • Protea archers.

It is however very important to differentiate between these 3.
For more information, please visit the Recognition Pages of this website.
Members are monitored electronically throughout the Tournament Calendar by means of the Weighted Average system.
This system affords them the opportunity to qualify for the annual Top 10 Shootout in their respective classes.

For more information, please visit the Recognition Pages of this website.

Class Advancement 2017,

In accordance with the 3Di Rules, please find the Provisional list of archers needing to Advance in the 2017 Tournament Season,
Level Three: Competitive Adult Classes:


Elana Pretorius
Chalou Du Plessis
Naomi Steenlamp

Amanda Mostert
Bella Diederiks

Four: Advanced Amateur Classes:

* Cobus Pretorius
* Freddie Van Niekerk
* Stephan Swart
* Malcolm Frazer
* Francois Stander

Lionel Du Preez
Jannie Stewart
Danie Stander
Francois De Lange
Bennie Powell

* Archers may be affected by proposed 2017 3Di Rule Changes,
( Please check the Website : January 3, 2017 )