CLUB TEAM Challenge

When it comes to 3D, and the growth thereof, we have always strived to be diverse in how we develop, grow and administer the sport of 3D Archery.
The introduction of the ‘Aided Classes’ in 2005, the NASP 3D Challenges, the 3Di Schools League, the Handicap System, and now the Easton Club Team Challenge are prime examples of this.

The 3Di Club League will compete at club venues throughout the Northern Provinces of South Africa. Clubs representing 9 previously identified class groups will compete head 2 head on a 10 target range, and in the majority of the cases, shooting more than 1 match per day.
The shortened format / capped group sizes and layout will ensure that we finish around mid-day,

2017 Clubs Team Entries thus far : 

* Team Magnum Archery / North Gauteng 
* Marksman Archery / North West
* Team Wildcrete 3D / North Gauteng

Please find a general breakdown of the 3Di Club Team Challenge below :

A. Rules :

1.) 3Di Rules will apply,
2.) 3Di Classes Definitions / Shooting Distances / Colored Pegs will apply,
3.) You need to be a member ‘in good standing’ of the club you represent,
4.) You will be allowed to compete ‘UP’ not ‘DOWN’
( Eg : HCA up to MAE ……. MAE not allowed Down to HCA, similarly you cant compete down into any age group, )

B. Format will be :

1.) Archers will shoot a Head-2-Head format,
2.) Shooting Groups will be Allocated,
3.) Min 2 and Max 4 shooters per group,
4.) Double Scoring – Both Shooters must Score,
5.) 3Di will administer the CTC and Tournament,
Logs displaying : Rank / Matches Played / Wins / Loss / Draw will be published no later than the Tuesday after,

C. Scoring :

1.) Each Target will have 2 points up for grabs,
2.) The highest score at each of the 10 targets will be awarded 2 points,
3.) When a similar score is shot, points are halved ( 1 point each )
4.) The winner of the match will be determined by the highest score,
5.) When a similar score is shot, points are halved ( 1 point each )

D. Shooting Classes :

1.) Club or Club Collaboration will consist of 1 archer representing each of the 9 Class Groups below,
2.) When a Club does not have representation in that class, their opponents will receive a buy, and 2 points awarded.

1 Archer from :

1 Archer from either :

1 Archer from either :

1 Archer from either :

1 Archer from either :

1 Archer from either :

1 Archer from either :
YMR 13-14 / YMR 15-17

1 Archer from either :

1 Archer from :

This will be expanded in 2018 with 1 group to :

1 Archer from either :

E. Tournament Format will be :

1.) Round Robin – All Clubs will shoot against all the entered Clubs,
2.) The Tournament Draw will be determined by a Draw,
3.) Each tournament venue will have 2 X 10 target Ranges, Course A & B
4.) Course A and B will consist of 10 Targets each,
5.) Each course will consist of 5X 3D and 5X 2D target,
6.) Clubs may enter more than 1 team, on proviso that it’s a Team in its own right,
No exchanges can be made between teams on the day,
7.) Clubs will shoot at least 2 matches per day,
8.) Tournament Logs will be held / displayed and administered by 3Di,
9.) After the Round Robin, Top 4 Clubs will advance to the Semi Final,
10.) Club Ranked 1 against Club Ranked 4,
11.) Club Ranked 2 against Club Ranked 3,
12.) Winners will advance to the Final,
13.) Losers to shoot for 3rd and 4th place respectively,

F. Host Clubs :

1.) Clubs will tender to host,
2.) In 2017 there will be 4 CTC events, Late January, Early May, Late September, Late October,
3.) Facilities must Incl,
Minimum of 3 Target Practice Range,
2 x 10 Target Course ( 5 x 2D / 5 x 3D )
Bathroom Facilities,

G. Course Layout :

1.) Layout and Pegs will be finalized by an ‘Aided’ Club Committee’ member, or an 3rd Party outside the Club,
2.) This person must have adequate knowledge of 3D archery and adhere to important safety criteria,
3.) Finals and Finals, course will be done by 3Di,

H. Club Collaborations :

The ideal for any club must be to grow, not only in numbers, but diversity as well.
Especially in the youth classes,
With that said, we understand that a huge amount of factors influence club composition.
We will therefor allow Club Collaborations¬¬ until the conclusion of the 2017 Tournament season on proviso,
• That it is done for a minimum of 1 tournament season,
• No more than 2 Clubs can collaborate,
• You need to be a member ‘in good standing’ of 1 of the collaborating clubs,

I. Protests,

1. If you cannot field a shooter in (1) of the 9 designated groups, you will forfeit the points on offer for that match,
2. If you field an archer that is not a member in good standing at your club, or the club you collaborate with, you will forfeit the points on offer for that match,

J. Catering,

• Events will be Self Catering,
• Host Venue / Club will be responsible for Braai facilities,

For more info regarding the 3Di Club League please email

The 3Di team,