Fun Shoots

The idea has always been to make the ABO/3Di National event more than just a 2 day archery Tournament,
Although the majority will be there for the challenging 3D courses in the mountains, there’s also the NASP 3D Challenge / Schools League / Archery festival and no less than 14 Fun Shoots / Shoot Outs over the course of the weekend,  

Please find the Fun Shoot detail scheduled for Day 1 / 2 of the 2018 National Championship event below, and on the Quick Links above,
Also be very aware that :

* Each of these have qualifying criteria in place,
* So please ensure that you adhere to them PRIOR to the Shoots, as there can be No corrections made on the Shooting line !!
* Please visit any of the Quick Links above to find the qualifying criteria for each of the Fun Shoots !
* Also be mind full that any of these can change, but should be finalised with the respective sponsors no later than 10 days prior to the 2017 Nationals Championship Event,

Currently you can look forward to :

* The 2018 HOYT Fun Shoot, 
* The 2018 Dries Visser Fun Shoot, 
* The Easton Eagle Eye Shoot Out, ( Qualifications + Finals )
* Start of the Magnum Archery Black Friday Sale,
* The Ravin Grouping Challenge, 
* The 2018 Top 10 Shoot Out
* The 2018 National Triple Crown – BEST OF THE BEST ( Snr / Jnr / Traditional )
* The Wildcrete 3D Fun Shoot
* The Wild en Jag Fun Shoot, 
* 2018 Future Bowhunters Fun Shoot ( With Prizes for all !! )

Visit the Quick Links above for more detail !!!

The 2018 Future Bowhunters Shoot-Out,

The 2018 FBH Fun Shoot is scheduled for around 14h15 on Day 1 of the National Championships,

Entry Criteria :

  • All FBH Archers younger than 9 years of age are invited to join us for the  2018 FBH Shoot-Out !!
  • Entry will be Free of Charge !!
  • It is important that archery equipment be handled and discharged safely by the FHB !!
  • All entries to the FBH Fun Shoot will receive Prizes !!
  • Prize will be determined around (7) Days prior to the Event !!


WildCrete 3D Funshoot
Entry Criteria :

A rotating Wildcrete 3D target will be placed on a motorised table, Entry will be R10 for 2 arrows,
To Qualify you'll have to hit the 3D Target and you will receive an entry to the Wildcrete 3D Funshoot,

Finals :
One arrow shoot off at the same motorised 3D Target with your own Bow,
There will be Wildcrete 3D Target Prizes up for grabs,

Scheduled for Day 2 around 13h15 ( Keep an eye on times above )

2018 3Di Easton Eagle Eye Shoot Out

The Easton Eagle Eye, is a Fun Shoot scheduled for Day 1 of the National Championships with a substantial Cash prize, 
You can qualify for this event on the Friday / Saturday and Sunday November 17 - 18 - 19, 

*  Format for the Qualification will be a Double Arrow Qualification
*  Format for the Finals will be a Double Arrow Elimination,
*  Format for the Final 2 - 3 Archers will be a Single Arrow / Closest to the Centre,

Cost is R50 for 2 arrows ant the entire Entry pool goes towards the Cash Prize !! 

2018 “Best Of The Best” – National Triple Crown,

The winners of the 3Di Triple Crown / 3Di Coastal TC will be eligible to compete in the Best of the Best Shoot Out at the 2018 National Championship.        

The remaining spots will be opened up for Wild Card entries ( R100 ), with those Entry Fees contributing to the Cash Prize Pool,

In 2019 we’ll again compete in the Senior / Junior and Traditional Classes respectively, 

Please Note that :
1.   The Archer must shoot the equipment used to win his or her respective class at the Best of the Best Shootout.
2.   Only the respective Winners of the 3Di Triple Crown will be eligible,
3.   There are No Classes / No Range Finders !!
4.   Format will be a (1) Arrow Elimination, ( 3D and 2D )
5.   The distance will between 25 – 40 Yards,

6.    Best of the Best will be scheduled for Day 1 of the 2018 3Di National Championship,
Draw / Ranking will be Random and held 7 Days Prior to the National Event, 

8.    If your scheduled opponent is absent at the time of the shootout / not attending, the relevant archer will receive a bye,
Recognition / Prizes and trophies will be solely at the discretion of 3Di, 

2018 Ravin Grouping Challenge,

The Ravin Grouping Challenge is a Fun Shoot scheduled for Day 1 and 2 of the National Championships with a substantial Cash prize,
You can take part in this event on the Friday / Saturday and Sunday November 17 - 18 - 19,

* The Challenge will be shot at 101 Yards at a 3” dot with a 2D backstop,
* Arrows are measured Centre To Centre,
* Please follow the operating instructions very carefully, 
* R50 for 3 Arrow,
* Minimum R2500 Cash Payout,
* Prize Awarded at the conclusion of the 3Di Nationals,