Peer groups have been part of the IBO shooting format since its inception some 33 odd years ago.

In accordance with Rule IV E 1-3, the ABO / 3-Di or Province may require an archer to shoot in a Peer Group at a particular event.
These designated groups will consist of the top 6 - 12 archers in a respective class.

The guiding principle being, that the top archers compete on the same day - exposed to the very same conditions !

Archers that will be invited to shoot in a peer group will consist of, but not be limited to :

  • Winners of the Triple Crowns
  • Winners of the various Provincial events
  • Seeded Archers with an exceptional Weighted Average ..... but also archers who have been identified as potential medal winners.

The following conditions will apply to archers invited to shoot in such a group.

  • All archers designated to a Peer group must have their equipment checked prior to the 1st arrows on Day 1.
  • Random bow checks will be done on Day 2.
  • If an archer is assigned to a Peer group, and he does not shoot in that group, his score will not be eligible for awards of any kind.
  • After Day 1, Peer groups will be reassigned to ensure that the Top 5 - 6 archers are in the same group.

Peer Groups – 2016 ABO / 3Di Nationals Championships 
Last Updated : November 16, 2016

Name  Surname  Class WA
Morne Gerber AHC 199.3
Henno Kruger AHC 194.9
Bernard Mostert AHC 194.65
Rohan Visser AHC 193.4
Frans Labuschagne AHC 191.5
Quintin Du preez AHC 191.5
Jaco Quintin Du preez AHC 189.95
Jannie Stewart AO 201.55
Danie Stander AO 201.35
Francois De lange AO 199.95
Sean De witt AO 199.55
Bennie Powell AO 199.1
Charl Cilliers AO 198.15
Lionel Du Preez AO 197.8
Francois Scholtz AO 197.35
Joanette Karsten FAE 195.4
Liezel Boshoff FAE 193.75
Elmarie Erasmus FAE 189.75
Lente Brent-Meek FAE 189.6
Ida Mostert FBR 194.9
Sune Oosthuizen FBR 176.45
Nadia Du preez FBR 174.5
Zaan Oosthuizen FBR 166.65
Amanda Mostert FHC 194.95
Lourinda Wienekus FHC 180.15
Bella Diedericks FHC 177.35
Amanda Roos FHC 175.1
Elana Pretorius FHCA 196.8
Chalou Du plessis FHCA 196.5
Mariette Stander FHCA 191.15
Benita Ludike FHCA 190.85
Jenny De Witt FMCA 196.8
Annamarie Young FMCA 190.9
Jean-Mari Mostert FY 196.95
Beneche Jackson FY 183.65
Marjolette Grove FYA 196.65
Charlene Grove FYA 196.55
Freddie Van Niekerk HCA 199.15
Cobus Pretorius HCA 199.45
Johan Boshoff MAE 202.45
Graeme Brent-meek MAE 199.65
Barend Du Plessis MAE 198.3
Cobus Schutte MAE 198.1
Jaco De Kock MAE 196.75
Andre Du Plessis MAE 195.25
Allistair Dell MAE 192.4
Tertius Schoeman MAE 190.55
Werdie Van staden MBO 199
Tian De witt MBO 189.55
Wynand De witt MBO 187.75
Ricus Warmenhoven MBO 184.3
Fanie Rupping MBR 192.25
Leon Heydenrych MBR 188.15
Pw Botes MBR 185.45
Marko Jansen v Vuuren MBR 185.3
Meyer Olivier MC 190.4
Afxenti Kkoutas MC 185.4
Richard Pretorius MCA 206.2
Buks Barnard MCA 201.2
Deon Coetzee MCA 195.1
Mike Coetzer MCA 192.1
Andre  Van Rensburg MCBH  
Helgard Mostert MSR 196.8
Hennie Van Staden MSR 194.35
Pieter Diedericks MSR 188.4
Stephan Coetzee MYA 203.6
Reuben Brent-Meek MYA 205.85
Ruan De Witt MYA 203.1
Ryan Daniel MYA 188.55
Dewald De Lange MYA 201.25
Thys Cronje SMCA 174.45
Peet Van Emmenis SMCA 183.4
Lourens Myburgh YMR 13-14 193
Lourens Myburgh YMR 13-14 193
Ryan Lee Jackson YMR 13-14 190.8
Ryan Lee Jackson YMR 13-14 190.8
Juan Roos YMR 15-17 200.4
Ryan Van Graan YMR 15-17 196.3
Christiaan De Jager YMR 15-17 178.4
Jacques Pieterse YMR 15-17 174.1
Chris Brand YMR 15-17 173.7