2D Targets

Practice does not make perfect… Perfect practice makes perfect !!!

The development of “The African Series” targets was a deliberate effort by the ABO to align their bow hunter education initiative, with the fun we have whilst shooting with friends.

The African Series of targets will be the official 2-D Targets used at all 3-Di / IBO sanctioned events in SA, as well as their Bow hunter Proficiency days hosted by the ABO throughout the Provinces.

These target animals are also similarly classed in the proposed new Hunting Norms & Standards.

It is our hope that these targets give bow hunters a clear indication of their level of hunting proficiency, before they venture out to hunt.

They feature:

High Quality / Full color 200gr Paper
Correct Vital Areas.
Only Broadside and Quartering Away shots offered.
No large bones obstructing the Vital Areas.
Below are samples of the 2D targets you will be able to purchase from leading Archery outlets throughout SA.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view enlargements.: