Our Mission :

To unify bow hunters and bow hunting organisations at an International level, for the purposes designed to :

  • Adhere to the basic ideal of the IBO, which is the 'Unification of Bow Hunters'
  • Assist and foster the conservation and preservation of Africa's wildlife
  • Promote, encourage, and foster the practice of bow hunting and bow hunter education
  • To function as a clearing house for essential bow hunter information

In the 27 years that the IBO has been in existence, it has grown to be one of the largest archery and conservation organizations in the world !!!
We as the ABO are now a part of that legacy, and we invite you to join us !!!
The sport of Tournament and 3-D archery has exploded in South Africa. With membership numbers ranging from an estimated 5,5 million in the United States, to over 50 thousand in South Africa making it is one of the fastest growing sports. Given the increasing complexity and delays in firearm licensing the number of archery members and participants are growing daily.
Bow hunter Education being the primary focus of the IBO enabled them to develop a series of National and International Tournaments. Today their 3-D events are by far the largest and most prestigious 3-D archery events in the world, also dominating the South African Tournament circuit with the Triple Crowns and 2 Day National Event !!

If you’re new to archery, then you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

  • If you have a competitive nature, the opportunity to match up to some of the best 3-D archers in South Africa.
  • If you just enjoy having fun, like we do, a day of Archery fun with like minded friends.
  • And if you just like being in the outdoors with your bow, Proficiency courses combined with a Huge Tournament Circuit.

With the continuing support of the industry's leading manufacturers, and a network of dedicated clubs / pro shops and archers, the ABO is prepared to meet the important challenges which will face bow hunting, today and in future decades.

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