“Bowhunters Care Initiative”

As archers and bow hunters, we are very privileged to be able to take our kids to archery events and with us on hunting trips. We often loose track of the fact that there are children around us that do not have that luxury.

That’s why we at the ABO are extremely proud of the “Bowhunters Care” initiative we launched early in May 2007. Previously the ABO’s annual Great Outdoor Games was the preferred charity event giving back to the less privileged children in the form of blankets, mattresses, food, clothing and cash.
But with all the different archery disciplines, resulting in a massively full tournament Calendar, we’re going to have to adapt in future.
Each of the ABO's sanctioned events will end in a fun shoot, either by making use of the mechanical archery games and targets of the Original ABO Outdoor Games or a challenging fun shoot. It is our intention that the proceeds from these shoots will be used to the bowhunters care initiative. We therefore ask you to join us in this effort for the rest of the tournament calendar year.

Excess Venison :
How many times have we harvested an animal, that we for some reason we could not utilize ? As part of the ongoing initiative to improve the lives of those around us, we would humbly request that where you have an over supply of venison from your recent hunting trip that you consider donating some of that excess to the East Rand Children's Haven. Kindly contact the ABO for details on how to make this happen.
As devout conservationists, we are hoping to start a beautiful tradition with this conduct. Let's make a hot meal for these kids in desperate circumstances so that it is the last thing they have to worry about.

We have also “adopted” one Children’s home catering for the various age groups in Gauteng, thus ensuring that we utilize just about everything we get, from baby clothing to that of teenagers. Your small donation in whatever form will go a long way to making a huge difference in a child's life.

Bring what you can and we’ll ensure that it gets to where it’s needed most, Donation can be in the form of :

  • Canned goods and Food.
  • Clothing for All age Groups welcome
  • Blankets /Pillows
  • Financial Contributions

For details on how to make your contribution, contact the ABO.

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