The practice of bow hunting, like Falconry, are age old traditions that have been integral to the development of mankind.

Bow hunting is a deliberate action, where a hunter, increases the challenge to conclude a successful harvest. And it it is also with this decision, that he incurs additional responsibility with Proficiency and patience being primary.

Below you'll find a short summary of the recently published Hunting Norms & Standards, and how it impacts bow hunting.

The minister of Water and Environment affairs, Mrs Molewa issued these Norms and Standards on May 27, 2011 in terms of section 9 of the National

Environmental Management Biodiversity Act 2004

Chapter 1 : Definitions

  1. Bow & Arrow : means an instrument consisting of a body and string designed to launch and propel an arrow;
  2. Thick-skinned animal : Includes but not limited to, elephant, rhino. hippo, crocodile, and buffalo;

Purpose and Application :

  1. The nationals Norms & Standards aim to ensure that minimum requirements for hunting methods are standardised by providing the following specifications -

Permissible bows for hunting

  1. Compound Bow
  2. Recurve Bow
  3. Longbow


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