General :

The publication of the National Norms & Standards have been eagerly anticipated for the last couple of years. And even though the document, at some stages, creates 'Grey' areas, we have to keep in mind that this is a work in progress.

We have to engage DEA to ensure that the Norms & Standards conform, and keep up with the advances, specifically in that of Bow hunting.

Purpose and Application :

The national Norms & Standards aim to ensure that minimum requirements for hunting methods are standardized .

Guiding Principles :

The Norms & Standards are guided by the following Principles :

  • Economical sustainable utilization.
  • Encouraging cooperation between land owners / hunters.
  • Promoting development.
  • Promoting responsible Hunting.
  • Ensuring that they are realistic, practical & understandable.

Below, we've given a short summary of the N & S and how it impacts you, the bow hunter :
Permissible Bows for hunting :

  • Compound Bows
  • Recurve Bows
  • Longbows
  • Note that Crossbows are not mentioned as in the draft.

Minimum requirements for bow hunting :

For those who want to study the document in more detail. ( It is attached below. )

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