3Di Target SA / NASP SA,

  • 3Di / ABO launched it’s focused development initiative early in 2009.
  • 3Di / ABO launches the Mass Participation 3D Schools Program in 2012,
  • 3Di Sponsors the 16 Man Development Squad for the All Africa Champs 2014 / 2015 / 2016,
  • NASP SA 1st Runner Up – Jack Cheetham Development Award 2013 / 2016,

We started off with clearly defined goals to ensure that they were attainable and sustainable.
The initial development squad was drown into the 3-Di fold at the end of 2010, to ensure that it gains momentum and visibility. Today we are very fortunate to be able to fund and support 3 Development and High Performance squads, as well as the 16 man NASP Development Squad,

Development within 3Di is divided across the 3 tiers of the development continuum.
• Mass Participation
• Focused development
• High Performance

3D High Performance Centre,
Negotiations for the establishment of a 3D High Performance Centre are in an advanced stage and should it run as smoothly as it has been doing, 2 dedicated 3D Ranges should be open no later than mid March 2017,

Mass Participation :
The Affiliation of NASP SA to 3Di Target SA in 2012 afforded us the opportunity to widen our Development Footprint substantially,
With more than 2000 junior archers in both 3Di and NASP SA we now cater for 8 Youth classes on our official tournament courses as well as 4 NASP 3D Classes on the Challenge Circuit,
For more information regarding our Mass Participation and NASP initiatives, please visit their official website on :

Focused Development
Ideally an organization’s focused development archers are filtered through the mass participation section of its structure,
As NASP is an entity entirely on their own, dealing primarily with Archery Programs within the schools system, we had to source these individuals at through our registered Clubs / Pro shops.
These junior archers are continuously measured against a Weighted Average system to ensure that they remain within our HP guidelines,
Problem areas are identified and corrective measures are taken to ensure that they are resolved, and an upward performance curve sustained,

High Performance
Please look for the complete breakdown of 3-Di’s High Performance / 3-Di Elite program on the horizontal navigation bars above.