NASP 3D Challenge


The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) and the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) have joined forces to implement an exciting additional shooting activity for student archers….
Together they will launch the 2014 “NASP® IBO 3D Challenge”

This wonderful initiative will enjoy the support of both 3Di and NASP South Africa.

The 1st of the NASP 3D Challenge events is scheduled for February 8th, @ Leg 1 of the very popular ABO/3Di Triple Crown.

NASP® has no intention of modifying its wildly successful Bull’s-eye tournament competitions.

Instead of tinkering with its historic success, NASP® joined forces with IBO to create a format which will be familiar and inviting to current NASP® students in grades 4-12.

NASP® kids will sign up to compete on a separate 10 target range, each containing five 3D Targets, and five specially modified African Series 2D Targets.
The targets will be placed in front of a diagonal backstop curtain or Similar Safe Outdoor Shooting area, 10 and 15 meters from the shooting line. These are the same distances students shoot in NASP® tournaments.

Instead of normal 3D scoring zones these special targets will feature custom scoringrings equal to the size and shape of the 7, 8, 9, and 10 rings on NASP® Bull’s-eye targets. So, the kids will know they are shooting the same size targets at the same distances as they’ve grown accustomed to in NASP®.

Each 3D team will contain 5 students from the same school. Many schools will register multiple 5-person teams from among their 16-24 person NASP® team. There must be at least one boy or girl on each team because the co-gender requirement in NASP® is so popular with the students.

As competition begins each student will shoot 3 practice arrows at the 3D target in their lane. Then each student will shoot, following NASP® whistle commands and range safety protocols, another 30 arrows for score.

The highest possible score, just like in NASP® will be 300. After scoring their “end” of arrows archers advance to the next lane and target on their range.

Readers familiar with NASP® will recognize the features of this 3D Challenge as being almost identical to NASP®’s current competition, except that targets are foam creatures instead of round bull’s-eyes.
This was purposefully done to accommodate the millions of students who currently participate in NASP® throughout the school year.

The students will be required to shoot the same Mathews Genesis Bow and Easton NASP® aluminum arrows they use on the bull’s-eye range. In fact, only students who participate in the bull’s-eye tournament may register for the 3D challenge at NASP®-administered tournaments.
This isn’t an either or but an addition to the fun !!

It is the designer’s intent that the NASP® IBO 3D Challenge format will become a standard offering at ABO/3Di National and IBO World tournaments.

We expect, like has been happening in the archery world since NASP®’s inception in 2002, that these archers will seek out additional 3D fun and attend similar archery contests to test their skills.

And with that in mind, 3Di have introduced the 2014 Schools League !!

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