ABO’s Bow hunter Proficiency System proposed as n ‘Minimum Standard’

It is very apparent that in this day and age, if we were to allow bow hunting to continue under what was basically an uncontrolled system, the outside pressures from the animal welfare bodies, (as is the case at the moment), would result in the Government stepping in to regulate bow hunting against our wishes and better interests. But this is only a challenge that we’ll have to face, how we step up to that challenge will be the determining factor.

The moratorium on the hunting of Pachyderms, and the publication of the Hunting Norms & Standards on May 27, 2011, can be seen as some of the first steps in that direction.

ABO aims to empower archers to attain a 'proficient level' of competence , with exposure to generally acceptable standards should they wish exercise their right to hunt. Our diverse African wildlife is arguably one of our most precious natural resources. As devout conservationists, we understand our role in sustainable utilization.

ABO functions as a "clearing house" for essential bow hunter information and training related to education and bow hunting.

Sustainable use, when practiced correctly, ensures the continuing existence of the species and has many other direct benefits, such as:

  • food security and job creation, both important factors in Africa.
  • our environment cannot function effectively, if out of balance, man's interaction and increasing pressure on wildlife space - creates a need for sound resource management.

Since January 2006, we've represented the interests of the bow hunter at various relevant bow hunting forums. Our main goal was to furnish them with the correct information, none based on emotion or personal opinion, but on fact.

We need a unified front, as any visible break, will be exploited by anti-hunting factions that would like to see this fail. This failure could result in our numbers deteriorating and the practice thereof, put on the same track as our friends in the Rifle / Gun Industries.

Bow hunting in South Africa is not under fire because we don’t know the breeding patterns of the Red Hartebeest / or how to calculate KE values but rather for what happens in that split second before the arrow is released, or rather should NOT have been.

We have trained Bow hunter Instructors at various Registered Clubs and Pro-shops throughout SA to facilitate the issuing of Competency Certificates (COP Cards). The COP is a self study course designed to be implemented as a Minimum standard in Bow hunting.

By Minimum standard it by NO means implies it to be a ‘Walk-in-the-Park’. Bear in mind that your vehicle licensing laws and the Firearms Control Act are also ‘Minimum Standards’.

For more details on the ABO COP, please feel free to contact us or check our site for details on the proficiency day. Its in all our interests that each one of us ensures that we self regulate, so don't waste time get your COP card now.

Please check back here for updates on a regular basis.

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