Social Development

When it comes to social development and 3-Di responsibility in these upliftment initiatives, our contributions have been substantial.

Previous very successful initiatives as early as 2008 include :

  • The ‘Archers Care’ Initiative – Here contributions of our target archers helped the less fortunate, and the East Rand Children’s Haven with events such as the :

Great Outdoor Games
Super 15 Fan day
3-Di’s Clothing Drive
3-Di’s Food Drives
Donations for a New Washing Machine + Dryer Combo.
Taaibos / Kragbron Food Drive

  • The ‘Bowhunters Care’ Initiative – Here contribution of our Bowhunters and Conservation enthusiast helped the less Fortunate with substantial meat donations. These were processed / packaged by Hokaai Meat market and donated to those in need.

In 2012 however, we unified both these under the banner of ‘It’s all about family’ and 3-Di’s Pink Drive :
We have identified the role of the family as a crucial element it the continued sustainability in each of these initiatives. Today each of our events contribute in some way to each of our social development initiatives.
They are advertised on the respective event invitations for the archers to take part in :